Monday, May 27, 2013

Metal Is On The Rise!

Night Demon – Night Demon

Independent Release – 2012

Muthas, every once in a great while, a new band blasts onto the scene from seemingly nowhere and vaults to the head of the pack. Such is the case with Night Demon and their eponymous debut EP. This all-killer, no-filler thirteen minutes and fifty-five seconds of pure steel, is the best EP we’ve heard in ages. It’s not just The Metal Blog of Metal that thinks this, because Night Demon has already been invited to play the Keep It True festival! They have only released four songs in their entire career, and they are already playing KIT! 

Also, Night Demon is only a three piece band with Jarvis Leatherby on vox/bass, Brent Woodward on guitar and John Crerar on drums. Woodward rips it up on the guitar, Crerar is pounding away like Thunderstick and Jarvis sounds like Sean Harris. Fucking amazing power trio!

So what does this EP sound like? Quite simply, it sounds like the best NWOBHM record that you’ve never heard. Upon hearing this gem, you would swear that this was released in 1980 on Neat Records, and not an independent release in 2012 by a band from Ventura, California. Imagine Diamond Head, Grim Reaper, and D’ianno-era Maiden all mixed together and you can get an idea of the awesomeness. 

The EP kicks off with the blasting rip-ride of “Night Demon” where the band declares that they are coming to destroy your town with the power of Metal. Yes, please. “The Chalice” is a mid-paced, epic track with a tasty, grinding guitar tone. “Ancient Evil” is a galloping cut that recalls the excellence of  Grim Reaper and features lyrics about Cthulhu.  Hell yes!  “The Ritual” closes out the EP with searing guitar riffs, pummeling drums and more superb vocals from Leatherby. 

The band actually has a video for “Night Demon” on YouTube. Check it out below:


The Bottom Line: This EP kicks ass, and you should buy it. Right now you can download it from Night Demon’s website:  If you need a physical release, the good folks at Shadow Kingdom Records are putting out the EP on CD with remastered sound on 08/06/2013.  Also, the EP is being released on vinyl by Reinig Records and cassette(!) by 7th Pact Records. What you should do right now is buy the $5 download as well as a $12 shirt, so the band can continue producing top notch Metal. Don’t be a shitheel.


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