Saturday, December 7, 2013

This Ain't The Summer of Love

Hell – The Age of Nefarious

Nuclear Blast Records – 2013

Muthas, we’re back with a tasty treat of diabolical deliciousness straight outta Hell!  Well actually, it’s a new, four track, mini-LP from the band Hell. The Age of Nefarious features one new track from their second full length Curse & Chapter, and three live tracks from the Bloodstock 2013 festival. 

The new cut “The Age of Nefarious” blasts your ears with rifftacular guitars, theatrical vocals and occult lyrics.  Once again, Hell sounds like a combination of NWOBHM and Mercyful Fate – so no radical changes from 2011’s Human Remains.  The song title and chorus are a spoof on The 5th Dimension’s “Age of Aquarius,” and lyrically, it skewers the hypocrisy of Christianity.  It’s an excellent track and a great preview of Curse & Chapter.  Check it out below:

The other three songs are all live from Bloodstock 2013 – “On Earth As It Is In Hell,” “Blasphemy And The Master,” and “The Oppressors.” These live cuts sound superb and are a good indicator that Hell delivers in a live setting with no problems. “The Oppressors” kicks much ass in particular and will cause you to revisit Human Remains.  

The Age of Nefarious is offered as a digital download from the usual suspects as well as a 10” mini-LP in various colors. The cool thing about the vinyl is that the A-side is 45 rpm, and the B-side, with the live songs, is in 33 rpm!  Now that’s some vinyl weirdness for ya.

The Bottom Line: Hell has returned with a ripping lead-off single that will please fans of the NWOBHM, Mercyful Fate and music that doesn’t suck.  Get it and buy Curse & Chapter ASAP.  Your immortal soul will thank you.


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