Sunday, June 21, 2015

Satan’s Serenade

Night Demon
 Live In The Steel City

Muthas, have you ever seen a band that not only commands the stage, but demands your attention?  That’s what Night Demon did in a tiny club in Pittsburgh on Tuesday June 6th.  They blazed through a high energy set of absolutely killer tunes as if they were playing in front of a crowd of thousands. Their relentless assault reminded me of when I saw Motorhead for the first time and they absolutely blew me away.

Did they waste any time with pointless chit-chat and rambling nonsense in between songs?  Fuck no.  They played song after song with barely a pause in between.  Night Demon was the physical embodiment of "all killer, no filler!" They didn’t let the lack of monitors affect them in any way - they simply played like they were on stage at Wacken Open Air instead of Gooski’s bar.  They even used a smoke machine and a light show to great effect! When was the last time you saw a band do that in a tiny bar?!

 If you aren’t already aware, they also have a mascot – Rocky – who comes out during the song “The Chalice” – and interacts with the crowd.  It’s hilarious and badass at the same time, and is a great example of Night Demon’s determination to entertain their fans.  In another bid to be fan-friendly, the band keeps merch prices low - $15 shirts – and they offer a great variety of items. When was the last time you saw a tour program and for a mere $8!  They also sell a couple of different patches, a baseball hat, CDs and vinyl – all for great prices.

It was a great night and everyone in the band was gracious enough to sign CDs, vinyl, tour programs, etc.  Jarvis, Brent and Dusty are very approachable and more than wiling to chat with the fans.  Be sure to ask Dusty about the Ultimate Warrior and don’t forget to get Andrew Bansal’s (aka Rocky) autograph!  Also, check out Andrew’s awesome website – Metal Assault. 

Here's the setlist:

Screams In The Night
Full Speed Ahead
Heavy Metal Heat
Lightning To The Nations (Diamond Head cover)
The Howling Man
Curse Of The Damned
Livin’ Dangerous
Road Racin’ (Riot cover) (Dedicated to yours truly!)
Ancient Evil
The Chalice
Save Me Now
Axe Crazy (Jaguar cover)
Night Demon


  The Bottom Line:  Go see them and buy some damn merch!  These guys are more than deserving of your ducats.  Also, you’d better go see them now before they are in limousines and jets, stylin’ and profilin’! You can find their tour dates here:


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